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Cute pin cushion

Been a bit busy with the kids the last couple of weeks, they were off for their late Easter holidays.

Anyway, just about caught up with the mountains of mess they made!

Finally I have been motivated into action to make the Roman blind for the eldest 2 giantesslets room by lovely Lace Threads over on the Shabby Chic board.  I started cutting it out this afternoon and realised I needed a pin cushion, we had been talking about them on the forum and someone had posted a link to the cutest ones ever!

So, instead of cutting out, I made the pin cushion, and the littlest giantlet spilled his milk on the blind fabric!

I made it with nice bright fabric so that I would not loose it……….guess what……..I have lost it!

So glad I took the pic!


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Of course I realised that if you didn’t tell anyone about your blog, it was unlikely that you would get any hits at all. I hadn’t realised that mentioning your blog on a forum would generate SO MANY hits in 24 hours! 106! and 1 comment from the lovely Viv whose blog Pooh’s abode I just love. She and her hubby are in the middle of fitting a kitchen. She painted a dresser recently, take a look it is lovely! Linky to the right—>

I looked in the web stats and could see that most of the traffic came from the forum, and one from a link in someone’s blog. As someone who has been marketing on the internet for the last 5 years without the advantage of the blog stats it was interesting to see where the hits had come from. Probably a bit geeky isn’t it!

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English Tea Time

I remember as a kid, my parents suddenly getting into the habit of sitting down together with a cup of tea when my dad got home from work. Of course as kids we were jealous of the time they were spending with each other and not with us, and didn’t understand that it was a little oasis of sanity in their mad mad world.

20 years of marriage and 5 kids later I completely understand! it is a little thing that we have started (when himself gets home at a decent time that is.) I remember how funny I found it that the tea had to be made in a pot and the cups had to be bone china and had to match the saucers! Guess what! No old mugs for our special time of the day! Oh no! I will post pics of our tea things once our anniversary is out of the way as they are part of my present to him us well maybe me!

I couldn’t find a tea cosy to match the new tea pot, so I have butchered a few tea towels and a tea cosy that had seen better days:

Old butchered Pig tea cosy

First I cut the old tea cosy so that his old snout was not spoiling the curve. Made a template of the shape out of an old glossy catalogue. I used this to make the pattern for the new cosy. Using 2 tea towels, I cut out 1cm bigger than my template.

Then I ironed them and sewed them right sides together using the template as a guide sewing line, I sewed just inside the line for the cosy inner and just outside for the cosy outer.

Then I ironed and trimmed the seams, clipping the curves as shown. I turned the outer one the right way round and put the three bits together. Then I made some Bias out of a 3rd tea towel (there is loads of tea towel left over, guess I will have to make some pot holders too!) and joined them all together.

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I love messing around with old bits of furniture. I used to do it out of necessity, but recently I realised that I just LOVE doing it. A few weeks ago, I won this on ebay for a tenner.


We didn’t eat anything that didn’t come out of a packet all weekend, but 1 can of Farrow and Ball New White and some Lemon Oil cloth later it was looking lovely.

Reuben cleaned up all the hinges and handles with Chrome polish, and we were able to reuse them all. The glass was broken on one of the doors so I took it out and replaced with MDF painted with blackboard paint. This was an idea I got from Kittythimble’s blog

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