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Down on the farm

The Little one had his nursery trip to Barnum’s Farm near Watford Gap in Northamptonshire.  As a mother with no small children at home, I was invited to come along and wear myself out too.

We had a wonderful day, I had forgotten how exhasting 3 small children together were.  I was given an additional 2 boys to look after and spent the day trying to heard them, it was like hearding spiders.

Burnums is a compact working farm and is ideal for taking littlies to.  You can see them where ever they run to.

We fed the lambs.  I have never seen anything like it!  All the kiddies and helpers sat on bales of straw around the barn, whilst 3 pens of cade (orphaned) lambs got increasingly frantic.  The farmers passed out bottles of milk to the kids and then opened 1 pen.  About 20 large lambs came charging out and ran for the bottles, they were pushing and shoving and climbing all over each other in their haste to get their milk.  When they were done they charged back into their pen for solid food.  This was repeated onther twice giving all the kids a chance to hold a bottle of milk.  A couple of the kids were scared, but the rest of them were just amazed and delighted to have such an experience.

The best bits of course were the chickens!

On the way home the little one just pegged out!

Just look at that concentration!



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You will hear the argument that we need to supplement our diet because of the depleted nutrients in our food today. This is true; however, it is not the main reason to supplement your diet. The main reason is because of the tremendous number of free radicals we produce. Our stressful lifestyles, polluted environment, and over-medicated society causes this generation to handle more free radicals than any previous generation. Remember, it is about balance. You need enough antioxidants available to manage the number of free radicals you produce.
The medical literature now shows us that the optimal level of the antioxidants and their supporting nutrients needed to prevent or decrease the risk of chronic degenerative diseases is much greater than the amount we can obtain from our depleted food supply. Our best option to prevent or slow down this process of oxidative stress is to take high-quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements the rest of our lives.

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We found this chair on the side of the road in Leicester a couple of weeks ago.  It was a bit sad and lonely so we put it in the boot.

A quick rub down, a couple of coats of ‘China Cup’ emulsion and a coating of wax.  Then using a bargain remnant from Dunelm stapled to the old board and foam………we have a new chair!

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Dr Strands Health Nuggets #4

Our body has the ability to make some of its own antioxidants. We are also able to get additional antioxidants from the foods we eat, especially from our fruits and vegetables.   This is why you will usually see the recommendation of consuming 6 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. However, today we are now able to get optimal levels of antioxidants by supplementing a healthy diet. Remember it is all about balance. To avoid oxidative stress, you want enough antioxidants to handle the free radicals produced.
There is solid evidence that our food supply is depleted in nutrients. Because of our depleted soils, green harvesting, cold storage, processing, and food preparation methods, our foods have a significant decrease in nutritional value. This is certainly true of the micronutrients, especially the antioxidants. The decreased nutritional value of food is definitely a good reason to supplement your diet; however, our next email will explain what I believe is the main reason we need to supplement our diets.

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I dont’ know weather to put this into the “thrifting” category or create a new one – “indulging”!

We paid a visit to Home Sense in Northampton (St James Mill Retail Park) this week.  It is like Tkmaxx Home on 2 floors.  Could have spent pounds in there.  I don’t think I will go to TK Maxx again as you have to buy what you see there, but here, I think you could come back and still be able to buy what you were looking for.

This is the only little indulgence I bought, the Little one has been watering the garden non stop since then!  Isn’t it lovely?

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Playhouse update

Finally got the playhouse all painted op, just got to wait until the base is dry (from all this rain) so that I can paint that.  I am painting it Jasmine white and then silver Birch so that when it wears the white will come through.


I asked the Little one if he would like me to put up some lovely yellow ticking curtains,

Him: Urr no! 

Hubby:  That’s my boy, he doesn’t need any girly curtains

Him: I want some pink ones.

Ha Ha!

We are going to build a bike store for the boys bikes to the right of the play house………..eventually!

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Over on the Shabby Chic forum, we have been having a swap.  May’s theme was Beaches.  My swap partner for May was the very talented Michelle from http://cottage-home.blogspot.com/ 

Here is what was waiting for me when I got home this afternoon:

Hop along to her site and go to her Etsy link to order 😉


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