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Announcing my Blogshop!


Just opened my Blogshop 🙂   A Tall Order Blogshop

Following my Union Jack cushion covers tutorial I did, it has been visited by so many people, many coming from Google.  I hope you have been able to successfully make your own cover, but if you still have it on your ‘to do’ list, you may like to order one from my shop instead 😉



Or maybe a Christmas star?


Or a grown up version of the backpack I blogged about earlier in the week…..

Don’t forget to visit A Tall Order Blogshop, thank you 😉


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Toddler backpack

Just look at this lovely fabric 🙂 It makes beautiful bags.

I got the pattern from here.

I am loving her blog at the moment.


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Getting organised

So, there has been a break in blogging, time to get back to it 😉

I bought one of those Ikea computer cupboards from a lovely lady via Ebay last winter to store some of my sewing goodies in and to have somewhere to sew and stash my WIP’s. I know how I LOVE looking at other peoples storage ideas to pinch them, so maybe you might recognise some things……

Cupboard 001

Here is the top shelf. I used Ikea storage mostly. The top shelf has media boxes for the smaller fabric samples you get, the scraps you can’t bear to throw away because they WILL come in handy for something, WIP’s small enough, and bunting in progress. The drawer unit holds zips, bindings, sewing machine gubbins, scissors etc.
The beautiful pin cushion was made for me by the lovely Shelly

Cupboard 002

Here is the main body of the cupboard, I can pop my chine on the pull out shelf and then put it back on top for storage. The red, blue and green pop up baskets are from the kids section in Ikea and are full of pieces of lace, ribbon and buttons. The plastic drawer unit is full of reels of ribbon. There are a couple of plastic boxes from Dunelm mill to the right, good square boxes with good snap on lids.

Cupboard 004

Do you like my thread holder? My son made it this summer with my dad who was a cabinet maker. I just LOVE it.

Cupboard 003

The bit at the bottom is supposed to be for my fabric stash, and no where else, but um, well, you can clearly see that there is not enough room there! But this is all in clear plastic boxes from, you’ve guessed it, Ikea. Then there are some slotted in to the left from Dunelm filled with tassles, any ideas what I can make using hundreds of tassles…………

Cupboard 005

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We had some pallets kicking around the garden, I wanted to clear the mess, and I wanted more space for veggie growing, but all the beds were full of weeds!

So, I took one of these:

Cut it into smaller ‘planks’ each having 3 individual planks attached to the big chunky bits, by cutting through the big chunky bits.

I used one ‘plank as the base, and the other two for the sides by screwing from the bottom.  To keep the structure rigid I cut 4 pieces of waste timber the same width as the finished planter and nailed them to the sides, two each side.

I kept the chunky bits for feet, rigidity and to make two definate spaces inside the planter for support of pots or bags.

Painted blue they took me an hour each.  One supports top heavy garden centre grown veg plants, the other has compost sacks in.  I planted up one with peas, the other with beans.  It may be too late for a crop this year, but lets see………

I used Cuprinol garden shades in a dark blue that I really don’t like much.  I added 100% white masonary paint which took the colour down a bit, but it is still a bit ‘blue for me.  I will probably whitewash them to take the colour down even further later in the summer.

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Cute pin cushion

Been a bit busy with the kids the last couple of weeks, they were off for their late Easter holidays.

Anyway, just about caught up with the mountains of mess they made!

Finally I have been motivated into action to make the Roman blind for the eldest 2 giantesslets room by lovely Lace Threads over on the Shabby Chic board.  I started cutting it out this afternoon and realised I needed a pin cushion, we had been talking about them on the forum and someone had posted a link to the cutest ones ever!

So, instead of cutting out, I made the pin cushion, and the littlest giantlet spilled his milk on the blind fabric!

I made it with nice bright fabric so that I would not loose it……….guess what……..I have lost it!

So glad I took the pic!

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