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We bought one of those cute little bucket sofas a few years ago, the fabric cover was naff and the first thing my son did when we got it was to spill alien goo all over it which never properly came out.  😦

sofa and other animals 001

So, I decided to have a go at recovering it.  I bought a roll end in Fenwicks in Leicester, which looked like it would do the job, so first note please measure your sofa and work out how much you need before you go and buy too little of it!

The next job was to remove the old cover.  You want to see if you can work outside for this as all kinds of grot comes out, and the staples ping all over the place.  As you remove the cover you will see how it was covered, you need to note this so that you recover it in reverse order.

Turn the sofa over

sofa and other animals 002

And unscrew the legs, put these somwhere safe.  Then you will need an old flat headed screwdriver or other such tool to prise out the staples.  Try and get as many of these as you can in the bin.  You will also need some pliers to help with removal of the staples.

To start with you need to remove the black bottom cover, there is probably a posh name for it, but for the purposes of this post, it is a black bottom cover 😉  You need to save this for later.

sofa and other animals 004

The next step is to take out all the staples from the top cover from the base of the sofa.  Your cover sadly will not just peel off at this point, turn it the sofa the right way up and start to remove staples from the bottom of the seat area cover which we will call the blue bottom of the seat area cover.  You will see that the bit that isn’t seen is just some even naffer fabric, but there is a band of the sofa fabric fixed to the front.  Again, you need to put this piece on the ‘keep’ pile.

sofa and other animals 015

Ugh, forgive the crumbs……….

sofa and other animals 016

This bit is really quite tedious, so you might want to make yourself a drink, turn the radio on, or just stick the thing in the car to take to the tip………I persevered 😉

Once the blue bit is removed, you will find even more staples fixing the sofa cover to the seat base, keep going, nearly there now.

sofa and other animals 017

YAY!  this was a good moment!  Notice how it’s getting dark tho……. Can you see the pile of staples on the window sill?

Draw a diagram of the cover if you think you might get stuck, write on the pieces, draw little arrows, what ever is going to help you put the bits back together.

The next bit is to use a stitch unpicker to unpick all the seams of this cover, and the blue bottom seat cover, so you have all the different pieces separate.

Lay your chosed fabric down, work out which way is up and MAKE SURE THAT YOU PLACE YOUR PIECES ON THE RIGHT WAY UP!!  This is most important as even if you don’t have a pattern on your fabric, the light will not be right, it will look wrong, and you will always regret not listening 😀 Trust me, I’ve been there.

sofa and other animals 018

Pin your pieces down and cut out.

Give your sewing machine a good clean out and re oil, get a good strong needle in there, I used a denim one.

Pin your pieces back together like this:

Pin your front piece, the bit you will be leaning your back against, to the two inner side bits, the bits you will lose your loose change against.  Sew these together.

Now pin the back to the front, and stitch together.

Pin the two skinny bits for the arm front facings (not sure what you call these) to the large piece you have made, hold it up and take a look at it, does it look right?  Are those skinny arm bits the right way round?  If so, stitch in place.

The temptation to just put the new cover onto your sofa must be resisted a little as you need to check your frame, we found that one of the arms was a bit wobbly and required a few screws to make it solid again.

Smooth down the wadding covering making sure you don’t have any anoying wrinkles.

NOW you can pull the cover on.  You might need another pair of hands, it will be a bit snug, but that is good.

Once the cover is on, you need to staple the inner bottom edge to the top of the seat base scroll up to pic 5 if you are not sure.

Now you need to make a copy of that blue cover, I used a toning piece of fabric, along with my panel of matching fabric for the bit which goes under the sofa cushions.  Staple that in place tucking it in at the front bit making sure that it is all covered up there.

Turn the sofa upside down, staple the bottom of the cover in place, pulling it down each time to make sure it is nice and tight, don’t go over the top tho, you don’t want it ripping the staples out.

Remember the black bottom cover?  You can either use that or cut a fresh piece, fold down the edges and staple to the bottom to cover everything up.  If you made a new black bottom cover, you will need to snip holes in to allow the legs to be replaced, just feel for the hole, stick your scisors in there and snip towards the middle of the sofa in case you slip and make a big slit in it.

Srew the legs back onto the base of the sofa turn it the right way up and breathe 🙂

sofa and other animals 030

See, it’s night time now, the kids are all starving, the school run is the only other thing done all day, more another time………….


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We found this chair on the side of the road in Leicester a couple of weeks ago.  It was a bit sad and lonely so we put it in the boot.

A quick rub down, a couple of coats of ‘China Cup’ emulsion and a coating of wax.  Then using a bargain remnant from Dunelm stapled to the old board and foam………we have a new chair!

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A few posts ago I talked about furniture from pallets, still not done anything with that, but planning a hen house maybe.

Anyway, there we were with all this wood and a wonderful plan for a play house. But the DH wasn’t convinced and bought a second hand one from Ebay!

We put it up this evening.  I painted the inside with Fired Earth Kelly Hoppen “Kelly’s Taupe” matt emulsion.  Just 2 coats and it looks a lot brighter.  Was too dark to take a pic, but will do when all done.  The door and trim are painted with an outdoor light green preserver, and at the weekend I’m gonna get a can of cream from Homebase as they are having a 10% off weekend.

The little one is soooo happy, you know running around and jumping like he’s got springs in his shoes type of happy! 🙂



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Painting outside

My lovely friend Dena and I had a lovely day on Wednesday. She came over with an old oak sewing table which she has been trying to freecycle for ages.

She sanded it down and gave it it’s first coat of Laura Ashley Twine Eggshell. This all sounds fairly simple, but Dena likes to do things properly, so the whole thing was unscrewed so that she could get all the hinges out. I was all for he giving it another coat after lunch, but she wanted to make sure it was properly set and took it home with a jar of paint to give it another coat at home. I am going to see if I can fit in dropping in on the way to the DMU art foundation show and have another look at it today.

I repainted my sideboard doors and drawer front as I had been too impatient the other day and it all scratched off! I have also had another couple of projects in mind for a while.

The first is a little table I picked up at the local tip several years ago. It was first used in the ‘back room’ which is a kind of overflow kitchen as ours is a little small for a family of 7! I put the toaster on it, it was low enough for the kids to be self sufficient with their toast from a young age. As it is emamel topped it was great for them rolling out pastry or cookie dough too. We kept empty plastic boxes in the basket underneith and cookie cutters and rolling pins in the drawer.

Later it was used as a sewing table, then a dressing table by a couple of the DD’s. It was given a funky lumpy makeover by DD3 in cerise about 6 months ago. When she decided to do the Arts Diploma I found her the desk you saw painted in grey and took over the table again.

I need something for the ‘study’ to put the laptop on from time to time. The study is where the boyfriends sleep when they are over so we also needed somewhere for their bedding. We also fancied a trolly for the garden as we eat outside as much as the English weather permits.

So, this happend to it:

I happened to have saved four wheels from something as they were bound to have come in handy one day! I painted it with a sample pot of a pale green from Craig and Rose. I think it was Eu De Nil, Jed peeled the lable off tho!

Do any of you have one of those handy storage drawers from Ikea? The ones with 6 different sized drawers in for your nick nacks. This one is my version of a sewing box, I must have had it 15 years and have finally got round to doing this to it:

to the left is a tea box from Lidl this week to keep my threads in. I have Cool Triker Chick to thank for this on the Shabby Chic forum, she told us they had them in.

Have an abundant day! x

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Got a bargain on Ebay yesterday.

Not really the best pic of it at all, I was the only one who bidded, so got it for 99p!

Having gone through Kristo’s (mumsee’s blog) great tutorial I am attempting to post pics off Image shack

I painted it with Laura Ashley Twine water based eggshell. Then I sanded the top and gave it a couple of coats of Fiddes dark wax. The OH has been silently complaining about all the ‘projects’, but when he saw it he was trying to find a use for it! I said, “It’s going back on Ebay to pay for my new hand brake”!

This is what it looks like now!

It is just the right height to sit on, so what do you think I should call it in the listing?

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Has anyone ever made furniture from pallets? I made a cupboard years ago, it is a little rickety, so would welcome any ideas.

I want to make a playhouse for my little one. I though if I prepared wood from pallets and made a frame from 2×2’s, then kind of added the planks like a fence panel, leaving gaps for windows and doors…….

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Desk, phase 1

Sarah is doing the new Arts Diploma in September and the little enamel topped table she had in her room clearly was not going to be big enough for her. So, we went onto Ebay and found a good solid desk for her

So, I painted it in ‘China Cup’ by Dulux, it looked lovely! But, she didn’t like it at all. So, we got a sample tin mixed up of the darkest gray she could find!

……..and here we go, a teenagers idea of wonderful!

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