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Preaching in South Africa

Our 19 year old came home from a weekend away in February and announced that she had sorted her life out.  She had decided to be baptised into the saving name of Jesus Christ, go to college (and picked the course) and she was going to South Africa on a mission in July!

We are not talking about an outgoing confident child here, but someone who is shy and insecure.  She realised she needed to get out of her comfort zone, so she did!  She has posted some lovely pics on FB and written us a long email (only 1!)  We have missed her and can’t wait for her to come home (for a week before she moves out) next weekend.

This pic  sums up our faith, and why she is in South Africa right now:

Click on the pic so you can read it!


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Blessed by our children

In November 2005 our middle daughter was baptised into the saving name of Jesus Christ. Our family was changed forever. There is something so amazing about watching your kids grow in their love of their saviour and of the word of GOD. Her insights have been amazing and she has not been scared to pull us up short from time to time to remind us of what is important. She always was a deep thinking child.

Our eldest however is a different person and we were wondering if the ways of this life and all it’s sparkle was more attracive to her than our life in Christ. She turned 18 and then hit the night clubs. I spent nights waiting up or just not being able to sleep until she came in. If you are a mum you will understand. If not you will wonder what was up with me! In February just over a weekend, she sorted her life out. She was complaining to a friend that she didn’t know what to do after her Art foundation at DMU. She asked her if she had prayed about it. She prayed and GOD gave her answers, and he gave her them in buckets! Everything fell into place over that weekend, where she was to study, what to study and where to live and with whom to live. She could no longer ‘prick against the kicks’ and was baptised in March 2008. Again the family dynamics changed. She had been hiding her faith for fear that we would talk to her about it and expect her to do something about it. I have loved getting to know this new daughter with her deep deep love and faith of GOD and His son.

Meanwhile our youngest DD put off asking for baptism so as not to upstage her older sister. In the meantime she has been working on the “ways of the flesh” and trying to tame her temper. Unfortunately she gets her ability to react immediately to a situation from me. A few years ahead of her I have given her some tips, but we both don’t find it easy to think first on a thing we feel strongly about. Maybe we can keep each other motivated and encouraged to stay calm over the years.

Last night our youngest DD was baptised, it was a lovely service.  Once again, family and friends travelled to support her on her special evening.  We feel truly blessed that despite our hectic lifestyle and not feeling that we have been effective parents for the last few years, our kids have been nurtured by GOD and called to be HIS children.

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Yesterday the State of Israel was 60 years old.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls and prosperity within thy palaces. Halleluya!”

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