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I dont’ know weather to put this into the “thrifting” category or create a new one – “indulging”!

We paid a visit to Home Sense in Northampton (St James Mill Retail Park) this week.  It is like Tkmaxx Home on 2 floors.  Could have spent pounds in there.  I don’t think I will go to TK Maxx again as you have to buy what you see there, but here, I think you could come back and still be able to buy what you were looking for.

This is the only little indulgence I bought, the Little one has been watering the garden non stop since then!  Isn’t it lovely?


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Thrifting at Shenton

Had a reccommendation to go to Shenton in Leicestershire where there is a little antique centre.  So, on the way back from dropping the eldest off at a camp we called in.  The little one was asleep when we arrived, so I carried him around. He is getting too heavy really, but it was worth it to just look in peace!  I had set myself a budget and didn’t find anything that tempted me in that range.  We stopped to have a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the tea room.  The place is well worth a visit, arranged around a farm yard, with all kinds of treasures.

On the way out I popped into a room I had not seen properly as it was full of people on the first look.  They had these cardboard boxes filled with goodies for £10!!!  I picked out the most promising one and brought that home.  Half the box was OK, but not what I could find a use for, the other half, was wonderful!  Then my DD came home and bagged the half I didn’t want

 She loved the Tea pot and cup and saucer.  I nabbed the plate that went with it and the other candle stick from the dressing table set to make a cake stand.

 This is a missmatched cup and massive saucer set with a sugar bowl for her cup of tea, bowl of soup and bread!

Here are my goodies!

 Phoenix ware cups and saucers, love the shape.

 The new cake stand at the back.

 Been looking for a plate for roulades for EVER!  This beauty is perfect!

There was also an assortment of lamps Laura is going to use.  She is going to clean up the bases and recover the shades.  Not bad for a tenner!  Will go back in another few months.


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