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Cransley Hotel

We had our annual USANA UK convention in Bournemouth again this year.  It was a great time to meet up with my team and others in the UK getting the message of true health and true wealth out  there

This is my site, take a peek!

We stayed in a lovely little hotel on the Knyverton road.  You know how you look at photos on a hotel website and they look lovely, but when you get there you can see that they were being rather selective and the place doesn’t really match up to your expectations?  Well, not like that with this site and hotel, it was just as lovely as the pictures.

At breafast each morning we were greeted by name and served our individual choices freshly bought and cooked each day.  There was beautiful clasical music playing downstairs all day which was very relaxing and added to the feel of the place.

This is a place I will return to time and time again.


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Old traditions

Below is an article from the Kettering ET website. 

We live in an ancient market town which has this wonderful tradition on the Monday after Trinity Sunday.  We have gone down to see it about once ever 5 years or so.  The charter reads about how King John gives permission for a fair for the buying and selling of livestock.  However, there is no livestock at the fair which takes over our little town for 10 days every year, just fairground rides and fried food.  Hope the weather brightens up for them, it is a wee bit cold today for it.

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Rowell Fair

Residents line streets for fair

As the parish church bells chimed 6am, the traditional pub crawl and reading of the ancient charter began
As the parish church bells chimed 6am, the traditional pub crawl and reading of the ancient charter began
As the parish church bells chimed 6am, the traditional pub crawl and reading of the ancient charter began
"God save the Queen and Lord of the Manor"
The cold start to the morning did little to deter people
John Newman gives a horse a drink of beer at one of the stops around the town
Men joined in with the traditional brawls to try and recover the staffs

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Rothwell this morning to celebrate the proclamation of the 804th Rowell Fair.
As the parish church bells chimed 6am, the traditional pub crawl and reading of the ancient charter began.

The crowds cheered as bailiff Robert Denton, who has been reading the charter for more than 17 years, hailed: “God save the Queen and Lord of the Manor.”

According to tradition, the bailiff for the Lord of the Manor begins his traditional pub crawl on Squire’s Hill on the first Monday after Trinity Sunday, following a weekend of celebrations, including a blessing of the fair, which runs until Saturday.


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In 1979 my parents moved us all to Spalding, a little town in Lincolnshire that nothing much happens in………apart from the annual Tulip parade. I remember as a kid the thousands of people who would flock to the little town for the day or the weekend. It was really quite amazing.

50 years ago, the local tulip growers decided to put on a parade using the tulip heads that they cut and threw away in the process of growing bulbs for market. For the last 50 years weather permitting there has been a parade on the first Sat in May.

What happens is this: the frames are made from designs by a farier, then they are covered in a blanket of straw. Finally in the week before the tulips are put on. You have a sack of tulip heads with about 2cm stalk, you get a great big hair pin thing with 2 prongs and jab it into the base of the flower and into the straw with the stalk upwards. I don’t know if they do it any more, but they used to let the kids go into the big sheds at the bulb auctions and help out after school. So, you just got the full story from about half an hour spent doing this 25 years ago! The bulb auction sheds are all gone now, all shops now!

Ah, we used to go to the roller scating there, somone would hire out a shed, play loud music and hire out scates to kids. You were blowing fenland soil out of your nose all week til the next one!

Anyway, hopefully wordpress are playing nicely and will let me show you some pics.

The route is so much shorter than it used to be, there were not the people packing the town, it was quite sad to go back and see it like that. The floats used to be HUGE! Some of the floats this year had few if any tulips, just goes to show how the industry has shrunk in the fens.

We had a lovely day with my dad tho, and it was nice to show or remind the kids. they have been a few times over the years.

The parade started with some ‘bocking’ which was quite entertaining http://www.lifeinthefastlane.ca/bocking-velocity-stilts-bionic-man/uncategorized

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English Tea Time

I remember as a kid, my parents suddenly getting into the habit of sitting down together with a cup of tea when my dad got home from work. Of course as kids we were jealous of the time they were spending with each other and not with us, and didn’t understand that it was a little oasis of sanity in their mad mad world.

20 years of marriage and 5 kids later I completely understand! it is a little thing that we have started (when himself gets home at a decent time that is.) I remember how funny I found it that the tea had to be made in a pot and the cups had to be bone china and had to match the saucers! Guess what! No old mugs for our special time of the day! Oh no! I will post pics of our tea things once our anniversary is out of the way as they are part of my present to him us well maybe me!

I couldn’t find a tea cosy to match the new tea pot, so I have butchered a few tea towels and a tea cosy that had seen better days:

Old butchered Pig tea cosy

First I cut the old tea cosy so that his old snout was not spoiling the curve. Made a template of the shape out of an old glossy catalogue. I used this to make the pattern for the new cosy. Using 2 tea towels, I cut out 1cm bigger than my template.

Then I ironed them and sewed them right sides together using the template as a guide sewing line, I sewed just inside the line for the cosy inner and just outside for the cosy outer.

Then I ironed and trimmed the seams, clipping the curves as shown. I turned the outer one the right way round and put the three bits together. Then I made some Bias out of a 3rd tea towel (there is loads of tea towel left over, guess I will have to make some pot holders too!) and joined them all together.

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