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Hello world!

Whoo HOOO here we go!

Everyone seems to have a blog these days, so why not get myself into the 21st century and start a blog!

We are now on year 8 of this century, the pace of change continues to race ahead. There will come a day soon when we will say, “hey, do you remember when you had to hang out of the bedroom window to talk on your mobile phone which was the size of your hand? and do you remember when the internet would just go off with no warning, or that some people were not near enough to the exchange to be able to get on broadband!”

It is clearly too late at night for me to properly start something like this!

Now, here is the dilema: Do I say upfront what my blog will have on it and risk being one of those peeps who start a blog with good intentions and then never go beyond the first one or two posts, or will it shame me into making sure I put in the effort?

I think I will surprise you!

TheGiantess x


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